Experiencing Pain?

Limited to the first 25 sessions booked.

How I do it best

We know you’ve been looking for relief from pain and not just a mediocre massage.  

We combine Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy with many styles of Therapeutic Massage to give your nervous system the special care it deserves, unlocking patterns that have held you back before now. When we work together, there is thorough assessment so we can be sure our treatment plan will address every source of your pain.

When searching for the one solution to help with pain, clients come  to us first at Therabliss Wellness. What sets us apart isn’t only how effective our treatments may be but also how personalized each client session becomes as well – giving them space and ability to relax and enjoy the experience!

What Clients are Saying

Shelby is absolutely incredible at what she does! I am not trying to be dramatic, but she has changed my life! I’ve suffered from chronic pain in my neck and shoulders for years and no other massage has ever helped me in this way. Shelby is intuitive and does so well knowing exactly how to help me and the fact that it helps my pain long term and not just in the moment is truly life changing for me! She’s the BEST!
Carlee B.
Shelby works miracles. She truly listens to her clients and adjusts the modality and therapy accordingly, including adding cupping where it is needed most. I've been seeing her for the past six months and can't imagine ever going to see someone else. After each massage and cupping session with her, I feel worlds better. I cannot recommend Shelby highly enough. If you need a world-class massage, please visit her. You will not be disappointed.
Nicole C.
I recently had surgery and my sciatic nerve and lower back were causing me so much pain, I could barely stand. I didn’t want to visit just anyone for a massage and came across Therabliss Wellness. So grateful I found Shelby! She has worked wonders to reduce my pain in just short amount of time. She is super gentle and insightful! She has used cupping to reduce my hip pain and Lymphatic Drainage for swelling. I feel like a new person!
Britany C.
Limited to the first 25 sessions booked.

Meet the Master Practitioner

Hi! I’m Shelby, your Licensed Massage Therapist. After serving in the United States Air Force, I finally found my passion; helping people find relief from chronic pain and tension with massage therapy! My journey started at Colorado School of Healing Arts where I learned a variety of techniques to help you feel great again. Not everyone’s body is the same so don’t expect a one-size fits all treatment when we meet – it will be specifically tailored just for you!

I’m here as your licensed massage therapist to get rid of that aches and pains that have been bothering you lately or if any other problems are causing discomfort like backaches, migraines, even sciatica symptoms can feel significantly better after an hour on the table!

Limited to the first 25 sessions booked.

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