Looking for Therabliss Wellness?

Pardon our dust! This website is in the middle of a re-brand! Are you looking for Therabliss Wellness? You're in the right place! Therabliss Wellness is now Hyve Wellness. If you are looking for massage & bodywork, you can still book online through this website. If you are looking to book personal training, yoga, or mindset coaching, please email me at shelby@hyvewellness.com or send a message through Instagram. I look forward to working with you soon!

What I do

Pain Relief Massage

Not sure where your pain is coming from? Are you someone who always has pain in one area, but cannot get rid of it no matter how hard you try? As a Neuromuscular Cupping Practitioner, I look at the entire body as a whole. Everything in the body is connected in some way. My goal as your practitioner, is to educate you on how different muscles are referring pain and how to break up those pain patterns that are sent from the brain. This is not a one size fits all session, each session is catered to the individual client. By utilizing deep tissue and cupping techniques, we will be able to target very specific areas and help to relieve your pain!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Have you just had surgery? Are you about to? Sinuses feeling congested? Just want to make sure your body is working to the best of it's ability? Lymphatic Bliss is for you! This modality of massage is great to speed up recovery time after surgery, help break up scar tissue from the surgical incision, decrease pain and swelling, and can help increase your range of motion. Outside of any injury or surgery, Lymphatic Drainage is beneficial to give your immune system a boost, decrease fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and lips, finally take a deep breath after being congested for so long, and so much more. By coming in for Lymphatic Drainage you are setting yourself up for success for your healing journey; by getting those important body systems up and moving.
*At this time, I will not be taking on clients who have had a BBL procedure. Once your surgeon has cleared you to sit/lay down without additional bolstering, you are more than welcome on my table!*

Upgrade of the Month

Himalayan Salt Scrub

Add on this salt scrub to any session to melt away your stress and exfoliate your hands or feet. Add to any session for $10